How To Pray if You Have COVID-19 Symptoms

It is so unusual for me to record a video like this – in fact, I’ve never done it before – but after praying with yet another person over the phone and seeing them get set free immediately, I just knew I had to share what I’ve been learning with the general public. I posted this video to Facebook a few days ago, but realized I needed to post it here as well for anyone that didn’t have a chance to see it. God has been teaching me about how anxiety is partnering with the virus during this season. Even if you do not have symptoms, I encourage you to watch this. It will show you how to pray for yourself and others, and help you be prepared should you start to feel poorly.

(My health update: I did get tested for COVID-19 nine days ago, but my doctor still has not received my results back from the CDC. So while I cannot say for sure I had/have COVID-19, I can say that my symptoms have been consistent with it. At this point I’ve already been self-quarantined for two weeks and will be continuing that, obviously – since that’s my state’s law now. I have recovered quite a bit and honestly, it almost seems irrelevant at this point whether I had it or not.) Anyway, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and let’s talk freedom!

Published by Courtney

I'm on a journey towards hope and healing and glory and I mess up a lot. I laugh a lot. I cry a lot. I'm passionate about many things...bringing glory to my Lord Jesus, loving on my husband and three children, helping people find both hope and healing, creating beauty in the world around me, and working towards healing for my son with severe developmental delays. Join me as I document the joys and the pains, and attempt to process the difficult and the divine.

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