This is my story. It can be your story too. This is how I received revelation about the extravagant goodness of God.

First my faith for healing started to increase. I began to renew my mind by meditating on verses about God as the Healer, and all the passages in the gospels where Jesus healed everybody. Then I began to read books that were challenging and yet inspiring.

After asking Him for “more” – more of His love, more of His power, He overshadowed me and healed me supernaturally.

Then he taught me how to keep my healing, how to contend for it, how to say “no” to despair and hopelessness and “yes” to the authority and power of the name of Jesus. 

Then he taught me to pray for others the same way I pray for myself, and now many others are getting healed too. 

And now I’m living a life I always wanted, but didn’t really know was possible. It’s a life of joy and power and love and miracles! I’m a walking testament to God’s healing love and the fact that He can set you free from anything!

Stay tuned for my personal memoir releasing around the end of 2019. I cannot wait to tell you about everything He’s done for me.

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