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I’m Courtney Goodwin and I am a woman on a mission: to live a life full of peace, joy, and hope, and bring others along for the ride. I’ve experienced the overwhelming love and power of Jesus, and have partnered with the Holy Spirit to see freedom and healing in many areas of my life. I am currently writing a book about my experiences that contains practical keys to help others pursue similar transformations in their own lives. I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime, from entrepreneur to worship leader to director of women’s ministries, but I am most proudly the wife of Chad and the mother of Leila, Kinsley, and Caleb. I love to help people know how loved they are and help empower them in their true identity.

I’ve served the body of Christ in a variety of roles and I’ve been a worship leader for over twenty years. I love to co-create with Holy Spirit to write and release songs of worship and meditation. I’ve served as director of women’s ministries and pioneered new evangelistic ministries in my hometown near Portland, Oregon. I have a heart for seeing women and men freed from human trafficking, and I’ve been on the outreach team of a strip club ministry for the last three years. I’m a graduate of YWAM’s Discipleship Training School, the Oregon School of Supernatural Ministry, and of Dr. Jennifer Miskov’s School of Revival.