Exciting Announcement

Dear friends and family,

I am so excited to announce to you the “soft launch” of my new nonprofit, Unhindered Ministries!

I’ve spent the last year dreaming with God and creating a ministry that I know I was born for.

Over the past several years, God has brought me face to face with his transforming love in a way I never knew was possible. I’ve experienced his very real supernatural healing and deliverance. He’s set me free to create with him and release new sounds and new expressions of his heart. He’s brought me revelation of my true identity and of his purpose and calling for all women on the planet. He’s given me a prophetic glimpse into the power of women walking in unity and making themselves ready for Jesus’ return.

I believe that what God has done for me, he wants to do for every woman on earth. 

God has called me to utilize media, communication, creativity, and music to spread this message. He’s made it clear to me that I am not to hold back any longer but I’m to share everything he’s done for me and given me with the world. Not because I am so great, but because HE is, and He’s created me to be most fulfilled in Him and by doing what I was created to do: worship him and bring him glory in every way possible, fully unhindered.

My nonprofit is REAL, you guys! It’s been hard work and yet so exciting to build it with God from the ground up. He provided me with the most amazing Board of Directors from across the US who bring practical wisdom and experience along with prophetic insight and encouragement. I’ve got a PO Box and a bank account and a website and a big vision for the future, and IT’S A WHOLE THING.

But, I need your help.

I thought I was going to create a show at the TV studio in my hometown, but God had other ideas. He recently closed some doors, and while that was disappointing at first because it’s not what I had planned, it led to some other doors being opened: the opportunity to have a home-based ministry. This is a better fit for this busy mama anyway. To fully launch this ministry, I am creating a home studio to produce a podcast, a tv show, and to write, record, and produce music. I am busy honing old skills and gaining lots of new ones to be able to produce content for the glory of God and encouragement and transformation of women (but men are welcome to listen and be encouraged, too!).

All these things cost money. Money that I don’t have…but God does! Many of you have supported me through prayer and encouragement over the years. Now, I’m humbly asking you to seek the Lord on whether He might have you give financially to this vision. I am looking for both monthly support and one-time gifts to help with startup costs. We have applied for 501 c3 status, and while that hasn’t come through yet, when it does, any donations we receive will be considered tax-exempt retroactively.

How to give:

Go to www.unhinderedministries.net and click the “Donate” button to give a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation         

I cannot thank you enough for the love, prayers, and encouragement you each have given on my behalf over the years. Each of you has played a special role in my life, and I thank God for you.




Published by Courtney

Courtney Goodwin is a woman on a mission: to live a life full of peace, joy, freedom, and hope, and then to release those things to others. She’s encountered the overwhelming love and supernatural power of Jesus, and she’s partnered with the Holy Spirit to to see freedom and healing in many areas of her life. She is currently writing a book about her testimony that is full of practical keys to help others experience supernatural transformation in their lives. Courtney loves to serve the body of Christ in a variety of roles and has been a worship leader for over twenty years. Courtney loves to co-create with Holy Spirit to write and release songs of worship and meditation. She has served as director of women’s ministries and pioneered new evangelistic ministries in her hometown of Oregon City, Oregon. She has a heart for seeing women and men freed from human trafficking, and has served in strip club ministry for the last three years. Courtney is a graduate of both the Oregon School of Supernatural Ministry and of Dr. Jennifer Miskov’s School of Revival, where she served on the leadership team.

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