STORY TIME: My Supernatural Healing

This is such a difficult season, and it seems that every day there is bad news of some kind. So today I am making a conscious effort to remember and testify about what God has done. We overcome by “the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony” and I’m desperately needing to feel like an overcomer today. Thankfully, I’m reminded in Romans that I’m “more than a conqueror” because of his great, great love for me. In these two videos I’m reminiscing about the most profound experience I’ve ever had. It’s one that changed me and shaped me forever. God has not only brought supernatural healing to my body, but he has transformed me by the renewing of my mind. Regardless of any apparent evidence to the contrary, I can say for certain that HE IS GOOD and HE IS HEALER. I decided to record this testimony in two parts to hopefully make it more convenient for you to listen to in two sittings if time is short.

Published by Courtney

I'm on a journey towards hope and healing and glory and I mess up a lot. I laugh a lot. I cry a lot. I'm passionate about many things...bringing glory to my Lord Jesus, loving on my husband and three children, helping people find both hope and healing, creating beauty in the world around me, and working towards healing for my son with severe developmental delays. Join me as I document the joys and the pains, and attempt to process the difficult and the divine.

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