Releasing Peace and The Sounds of Heaven

Yesterday morning, the Father told me he wanted to release peace into the atmosphere. I really felt strongly that those of us who are musicians are supposed to be releasing peace and worship. Our current atmosphere is full of fear and anxiety, but the Word says that the Lord inhabits the praises of his people. The more praise and worship that is happening in our homes, the more His Presence is felt. We need His Presence more than anything! In His Presence is peace.

He told me to do something I’ve never done before, which is to record and release a video of myself playing piano and releasing peace over all who listen to it. Based on the feedback I’ve received, He definitely released His peace and love to those who listened. So consider this my gift to you but even more, it’s His gift to you.

Published by Courtney

I'm on a journey towards hope and healing and glory and I mess up a lot. I laugh a lot. I cry a lot. I'm passionate about many things...bringing glory to my Lord Jesus, loving on my husband and three children, helping people find both hope and healing, creating beauty in the world around me, and working towards healing for my son with severe developmental delays. Join me as I document the joys and the pains, and attempt to process the difficult and the divine.

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