Books have always been a huge part of my life, but in the last couple of years in particular there are a few that have been instrumental in helping me experience breakthrough. I could probably list thirty books here that I love and have learned a lot from, but the insanity has got to stop somewhere so I’m keeping the list short and to the point. Highly, highly recommend these reads.

Fervent – by Priscilla Shirer. I was inspired by this book, as well as the movie War Room, to begin praying strategically for my family and the things on my heart. I wrote out specific verses pertaining to healing and breakthrough in various circumstances and taped them to my bedroom wall. I even taped some to the wall of my son’s bedroom. Sometimes I would read and pray these verses out loud. Verses about God as our healer and all of the healing Jesus did were especially significant in growing my faith for healing. I did this for almost exactly a year before receiving my supernatural healing.
When Heaven Invades Earth – by Bill Johnson. This is the book that changed my perspective on the goodness of God, as well as His power and desire to continue to do miracles today through his disciples. This book helped grow my faith significantly and brought up issues of disbelief that I prayed through and gained victory in. My supernatural encounter with God came after reading and praying through this book.

The Healing Breakthrough – by Randy Clark. I am so incredibly impressed, not only with the humility of this man and the massive fruit of his healing ministry, but with the sound theology and biblical basis he puts forth for healing. He is extremely well-educated, but I found this book to be readable, truthful, and inspiring. I just read it a few weeks ago and have already lent it to a friend who wants to grow her faith for healing. It is SO good.

Birthing The Miraculous – by Heidi Baker. This woman inspires me by the way she embodies the love of the Father. She is absolutely overwhelmed and undone by His love, and everything she does comes from that love. She has seen over a MILLION people supernaturally healed and delivered in Mozambique. After reading this book, I am constantly aware of the need to be immersed in the love of God. Nothing else matters and everything flows from that place.

Defining Moments – by Bill Johnson. After my huge “overshadowing” by the Holy Spirit, this book brought further clarity about what had happened to me by telling stories of many heroes of the faith that I had never even heard of. I was inspired by (and could relate to) the ways that they were completely different after their supernatural encounters with God.
The cover of this book is not my favorite, but thankfully if you don’t judge a book by its cover you may be pleasantly surprised. In this case, God used this book and the prayer counseling that Wellspring Ministry offers to help me get the inner healing I didn’t know I needed. I learned to identify the source of my thoughts and how to take authority over them when they were not from God. I went through this five years before my major healing breakthrough, but this was an integral part of the process for me. I did, however, slowly recover from severe symptoms of multiple sclerosis while going through this program, and my MRI six months later confirmed my brain lesions had disappeared.
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