Releasing Peace and The Sounds of Heaven

Yesterday morning, the Father told me he wanted to release peace into the atmosphere. I really felt strongly that those of us who are musicians are supposed to be releasing peace and worship. Our current atmosphere is full of fear and anxiety, but the Word says that the Lord inhabits the praises of his people. The more praise and worship that is happening in our homes, the more His Presence is felt. We need His Presence more than anything! In His Presence is peace.

He told me to do something I’ve never done before, which is to record and release a video of myself playing piano and releasing peace over all who listen to it. Based on the feedback I’ve received, He definitely released His peace and love to those who listened. So consider this my gift to you but even more, it’s His gift to you.

Claiming Authority

Today I recorded another video. (What is happening to me?) This one let people know the results of my COVID-19 test that I finally got after waiting for nine days. Before I ever got the results I was complaining to God in prayer that I was tired of feeling poorly and I wanted my health back. His response?

So take it.

I knew He was telling me to take authority over my symptoms every time I felt them. What I tolerate, stays. What I no longer tolerate and take authority over in Jesus’ name, goes. I spent all day commanding various symptoms to go…and they did. Every time. I just had to stay on top of it and not allow it back.

Over the last three days, my symptoms have dwindled to where I’ve only had to command them to go a couple of times today, and they did. How empowering to realize that because of the power of Jesus’ blood shed on the cross, I no longer have to be a victim. According to Luke 10:19, Jesus has imparted to me all his authority to trample over Satan’s kingdom.

Now you understand that I have imparted to you all my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority.

Luke 10:19 The Passion Translation

Jesus really is the healer and He really is good. He really does give authority to those followers who believe it. After I shared the story of how He’s been teaching me to claim my authority and that’s caused me to see healing, I shared this prophetic word that the Father gave me today to release to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Here it is (with a description in the middle of a vision he gave me on January 8, 2020 that I was supposed to share today):

I am raising up a generation of warriors unlike any this world has ever seen. It is a healing generation that carries the healing of Jesus in their wings. Their prayers will be anointed, powerful, and faith-filled. Their actions will be directed by the Lord Most High. Their focus will look neither to the left or to the right, but their gaze will be fixed on my face. They will live for my Presence and they will be Presence-carriers everywhere they go. They will walk in healing and authority over every demon and every disease. I am raising up an apostle generation that will be sent out, just like the original twelve apostles, that I will impart authority to, over demons and every disease. These apostles will have an apostolic call in the sense that they are called to change the culture around them and make it like my kingdom. These people should not get caught up in labeling themselves as apostles or any other role in the five-fold ministry. Their focus should be on Me and on my face. Out of their love for me and their love for my Presence they will then release my FIRE upon the world around them. It will start in their own homes, then extend to neighbors, then coworkers, people at the store or on the street. It is the FIRE of my Presence and my power.

On January 8, 2020 I had a vision that I thought was just for me, but today, the Holy Spirit brought it to mind; I believe it’s a word for this generation. In the vision, Jesus took me to a lush, beautiful garden surrounded by a stone wall. There were beautiful flowers growing on the wall; red ones that reminded me of peonies or carnations, and yellow ones with a black center that were a bit like a morning glory vine. He said, “Do you see those flowers?” I said yes. He said, “They represent my Spirit and my Power.” (Somehow I knew that the red ones represented His Spirit and the yellow ones represented his power.)

He said to me, “These flowers represent my Spirit and my power. Take them. My Spirit is on you and my power is in you. I want you to leave a trail of petals everywhere you go. These flowers will never run out, they will never lose all their petals. Smell their sweet fragrance. You will leave petals of my Spirit and my power everywhere you go, and the aroma will BREAK chains. Make sure you drop some petals everywhere you go. Crushing releases their fragrance even more. Even better if they get crushed. It’s the fragrance of heaven. Breathe deeply my child. The aroma sustains you.”

I am raising up a generation that carries my power and my Spirit everywhere they go. A generation that releases my aroma into every atmosphere they enter. I am raising up a generation that no longer bows to the fear of man. This is a generation that carries my FIRE and understands that the time is short and my kingdom is at hand.

How To Pray if You Have COVID-19 Symptoms

It is so unusual for me to record a video like this – in fact, I’ve never done it before – but after praying with yet another person over the phone and seeing them get set free immediately, I just knew I had to share what I’ve been learning with the general public. I posted this video to Facebook a few days ago, but realized I needed to post it here as well for anyone that didn’t have a chance to see it. God has been teaching me about how anxiety is partnering with the virus during this season. Even if you do not have symptoms, I encourage you to watch this. It will show you how to pray for yourself and others, and help you be prepared should you start to feel poorly.

(My health update: I did get tested for COVID-19 nine days ago, but my doctor still has not received my results back from the CDC. So while I cannot say for sure I had/have COVID-19, I can say that my symptoms have been consistent with it. At this point I’ve already been self-quarantined for two weeks and will be continuing that, obviously – since that’s my state’s law now. I have recovered quite a bit and honestly, it almost seems irrelevant at this point whether I had it or not.) Anyway, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and let’s talk freedom!